Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q : Ummm, what?s a logo?

A : A logo is the image which represents a company or its product. Its function is to create a memorable, recognizable impression on the mind of a potential client or customer. It is used on the web,
in the newspapers, brochures etc to represent the company. It is a powerful way of giving the company?s marketing message to the viewers. Logo should always be good as that? what makes the very first impression of any company. It communicates
before you start speaking; hence it?s always worth to invest in a good logo.

Q : Can?t I live without it?

A : Remember, more than half of all people process information primarily visually, while auditory and kinesthetic processing come in second and third, respectively. Hence, visual identity has a big impact.
An effective logo can do wonders by giving you a recognizable, distinctive look.

Logo Design

Q :What sort of Logos do you make?

A : We have two categories of logos;
? custom logos which are made according to customer needs
? readymade logos which are logos present on the site and only text is changed for customers

Q :What softwares do you use to make logos?

A : We use numerous softwares according to the requirement of the logo, but some of the popular ones are:
Vector-based Graphics Software Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Macromedia Freehand
Graphics Software Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint, Jasc Paint Shop Pro

Q :I want to get my present logo re-created, can you do that?

A : Yes, we can work with you to recreate your logo and that might cost you cheaper if it involves relatively less design work.

Customer Involvement

Q :What about my involvement in the concept and design of the logo?

A : The team of LogosArea want to make a logo that adequately delivers your company?s message. As you know your company better, we believe in close interaction and open communication with you. We will
take you along each step, discussing with you, researching and then discussing and finalizing until we reach a satisfactory logo. We believe your involvement is crucial in making a perfect logo for you.

Q :How can I be more prepared to share my views with you?

A : If you do a few things, we will end up making a better logo faster.
? Show us examples of logos you like so we get a hang of what you want
? Compile a list of adjectives representing qualities
about your company that you want to be conveyed through the logo
? Tell us about any color or image preferences
? Tell us where you intend to use the logo

Q :I want to see a sample/draft of my logo before it reaches its final stage, how can I do that?

A : That?s exactly what we want too. We will email you a proof and you can give feedback by replying to that mail. We highly value our customer?s opinions and are willing to go through several iterations
with you.

Q :Due to my commitments/distant location it is not possible to have a meeting with your team, what now?

A : Worry not, we can discuss everything online as we do with many of our world wide customers. This wouldn?t be an issue at all.

Logo in Practice

Q :Does the logo resize well?

A : We will produce a logo that will be usable when blown up or down.???

Q :Where should I use my logo?

A : Use it like crazy! Everywhere; on the net, newspapers, magazines, writing pads, billboards, t-shirts etc.

Sales and Delivery

Q :How long do I have to wait to see my logo?

A : 48-72 hrs is the normal delivery time and urgent delivery is within 24 hrs, naturally with a surcharge.

Q :Do you offer Refund If I donot like my logo design?

A : We do not offer Refunds . However , we will work on your logo design until Customer is Satisfied . Customer Satisfaction is No1 Priority at

Q :What formats will the logo be provided in?

A : The logo will be in either of the following formats:
? ai (adobe illustrator),
? cdr (corel draw),
? gif (graphic interfile format),
? jpg (joint professional experts group),
? bmp (bitmapped),
? wmf (word metafile format)
? doc (ms word)
? psd (proprietary file format of Adobe System’s Photoshop program???)

Q :How will my logo be delivered to me?

A : You will be notified through email when your logo is ready. You can then download your logo from our site by logging into your customer account using username and password you used at the time of
And then the logo will be ready to go public!


Q :Are there any packages?

A : We have a few packages which you might be interested in:

? Package 1

  • 3 unique logo concepts
  • 2 revisions
  • 72 hours turn around of initial designs
  • Full Copyright of your final logo design

? Package 2

  • 5 unique logo concepts
  • 3 revisions

? Package 3

  • 7 unique logo concepts
  • 5 revisions


Q :How do I pay for my logo?

A : LogosArea accepts credit cards through metacharge and paypal. Note, however, that we do not accept money order and cheques.


Q :I have other questions, who should I ask?

A : If you have further questions, please feel free to call us at our toll free no:  1-(850)-417-7316 or, you can email us at