Have you ever wondered what’s the significance behind the little icon placed on products, in brochures etc called a logo? Why do companies have logos anyway?

A custom logo design can project professionalism, unify product lines, differentiate products, and create a brand. Without the right logo, your success in each of these areas could be limited.


We have known CPAs, doctors, and other local service professionals who operated without professional logo design. But when the business gains broader exposure, it becomes essential to cultivate an image based on professionalism, not personality. Broader exposure can result from advertising, increased numbers of clients, a Web site, a new partner, or for other reasons.

Unify Product Lines

Imagine a pair of Nike shoes without the “swoosh” logo: it’s just another pair of sneakers. Imagine the iPod? without Apple? Computer: we see just another MP3 player, stylish but pricey. In both cases the company logo makes the individual product more valuable by connecting it with the company’s other products and reputation.

Differentiate Your Products

Logos enable products and packages that would otherwise look the same to stand apart. Imagine a Tommy Hilfiger? shirt without the logo?that would be just another shirt. Ask yourself this: “Does my business stand out from my competitors?” If not, a professionally designed logo may be what you need.

Create a Brand

In the cases of Nike? and Apple?, the companies have turned their brands into lifestyle choices. The cornerstone of this branding is a professional logo design?without it, there will be no brand.

Your Logo

With a custom logo, your company can project professionalism, unify product lines, make products or services stand out against competitors, and create a brand that your customers will wear with pride. Where do you start? For many small businesses, the best solution is a professional online logo design service.
A lot of good design companies re found online and are easily approachable. You can check out the logos they have made to know if you like their work or not. Convey to the designers what you have in mind so that they can put that into a graphic form.