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Here is your best Virtual assistant companion! Assistantarea is a virtual assistant company offers you cutting edge and excellent technology, business management solution, efficient and timely marketing solution that are above everything else. Virtual office assistant has become a very popular and efficient way to keep the business operating system smooth.

Why Us:

We aim to deliver new; exciting virtual assistant support and services to businesses and individual that impress greatly to the customer. We have technical expertise and professional skills to provide the best virtual assistant that give you the support you need to grow professionally and meet the challenges.

?The ultimate benefits and outcomes to our virtual assistant services are:

  • Company growth
  • Sales growths
  • Unconventional ideas
  • Customer satisfaction (positive response, helping attract new customer and retaining old customers)
  • Quality virtual support while reducing costs


Below are quick links to the range of services we provide for Businesses of every size
(Entrepreneurs and small businesses or individuals)

  • Customer Service
  • Research
  • Strong project management
  • Fast and effective communication
  • Established development process
  • Complete quality assurance
  • Correspondence
  • Contact Management
  • Article Marketing Campaigns
  • Database Management
  • administrative assistant
  • Competence in latest technologies
  • Expertise in business logic
  • Competitive pricing
  • Copywriting, Transcription, Presentations Auto Sales
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Ad Campaign Management & Brochures
  • Link Building Campaigns
  • ?Internet Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • Personal Assistant
  • Auctions

You don’t have to spend dollars on training programs to get started. We @ Assistantarea.com have thought of everything- you will feel equipped and ready to take charges of our new life.

We are very experienced in dealing with the ever changing needs of today?s business world
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Find here the best VA all over the world /All help to make our life a little easier.
Our focus of excellent customer service and 24 hour turn around time has helped us become the #1 real estate supplier nationwide.

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