Logos are seen everywhere today but how did the logo culture start? How did change in marketing influence development of logos? We will look at how we have become the “branded society,” in order to better understand the role of a custom logo in the success of your company.

Pre-Industrial Society

Before the Industrial Revolution, people purchased goods directly from the craftsperson, the grocer, and the farmer. Pottery, woodwork, stonework and even bread carried a stamp of the craftsperson?a signature of someone you could shake the hand of.

Industrial Revolution

With the arrival of the Industrial Revolution in the late 1800s, the customer’s connection to the manufacturer became something of the past. Purchasers lost contact with manufacturers, products became increasingly similar, and mass packaging made indistinguishable the products that had been purchased in bulk. Creating a logo became an important step in differentiating products. On the legal side, trademark law became an important protection from logo copycats.

Brand as Lifestyle

From the 1940s to the present, logos have become the expression of “corporate identity” and “brand essence.” Companies such as Apple? Computer, Starbucks?, and Nike? promote not a product, but a lifestyle.

Your Logo, Your Brand

Today, the logo is the main expression of a company’s brand. Designed and promoted well, your custom logo will represent your company in the minds of each customer, and serve as an umbrella for new products. It will even represent your “corporate ideals” and focus the efforts of your staff. If you intend for your company to reach its full potential, you need a professional logo design.

Today business without logo is inconceivable. It’s everywhere; it’s the need of the hour. It is what will help you build a corporate image you want, it is what will help you market effectively, it is what will help you inbred recognition and in building a wider customer base.