Sometimes, a logo isn’t good forever and there’s a dire need of a fresh logo. How do you know when your company needs a new logo? Your sales may have flattened, the company may have changed its focus, or your brand may no longer inspire your customers. Whatever the reason, one thing is for certain: you’re unhappy with your company logo, and you want it fixed. Here are the questions to ask when deciding whether your company needs to hire a logo designer.

Does our logo express our corporate identity?

If your logo fails to express the central idea of your company, it is probably out of touch with your business. A script typeface is inappropriate for car repair shops, for example. Or maybe your business has changed. AT&T? replaced the bell logo long after its business had expanded beyond telephones.

Is our logo functional?

Your logo should integrate with any context.
It must be legible both large and small on materials ranging from paper to cloth.
“Spot colors” should be used to avoid mixing inks at the print shop. There should be no shading, complex images, or photographs, which are difficult to reproduce.

Is our logo unique?

Your logo should be different than those of competitors. Don’t confuse your customers with a copycat logo. Pepsi? had trouble defining its brand until it abandoned the logo that imitated the Coke? design.

Does our logo follow good design principles?

Professional designers talk about elements of design such as space, form, color, consistency, and clarity. You should look for a unifying structure. The lines, shapes, and spacing should create unity. Balance, weight, and positioning should direct your eye across the logo and affect how you understand it.

How can we improve our logo?

At a glance, your logo should feel right. If not, take it to a professional designer or hire an online logo design service. Expect three preliminary versions and several final versions: for stationary, the Web, use on dark backgrounds, and so forth. Your custom logo should be cohesive, unique, and functional while expressing your company’s unique identity. Use it well, and it will become the cornerstone of your branding.

Trust your heart when it tells you that you and your company are bored out? of the old logo; that you don’t find it exciting enough or you don’t find it streamline your corporate identity. Take your colleagues into confidence and discuss the new logo with them.